About the game

ragdoll physics happy wheels
Happy wheels belongs to the Ragdoll Physics category, this type of flash games are extremely popular today and many people enjoy playing it. Unlike others games from this category Happy Wheels provides mind-blowing scenes with lot of blood, body parts and it may sound strange but humor as well. Dark humor is visiting card of this game, all the characters are very iconic and hilarious in its own way. Not only author of this game (Jim Bonacci) created different looking characters, but he also gave each of them their own unique special abilities which can be triggered with Z button when needed.

Game is user friendly, every player can create their own tracks and create their own scenarios in the game and play it, they can also upload their work and share it with other players online (by the way when it comes to the popularity of this game you must know that it has millions of players). If you have popular YouTube channel you can record and upload your videos and I guarantee you that you will have lot of views.

With that being said I guess it is time for you to visit front page of my site and play game online.